Beginning in January 2017, the HEVIS Center had 3 primary goals:

  1. Education of disabled, poor, and orphaned children

  2. Employment opportunities for students, their families, and the local community

  3. Social changes for basic services, understanding, and respect.


Through these three goals, all aspects of our teachers, students, and leadership is focused. the Center will be a symbol of hope for those living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and beyond with disabilities, living in extreme poverty, and/or orphaned before the age of 18. You can learn more here.


Our primary sponsor: My Neighbor Foundation has elevated our plans to many in the United States in more ways than one. New corporate sponsors are considering us for grants, donations, and partnerships. The work we do cannot happen without the generosity of those looking to help and serve our community. And until we have enough investment to be self-sustaining, we depend on and are grateful for those who support our mission and the students, families, employees, and communities we serve.

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